Improv in Paradise (Yard)

Last night we had a lot of fun performing at Duck Duck Goose at L’klectik.

The lovely Mark and Vic were so welcoming, as always, and got everyone warmed-up with an impromptu audience/performer Jam which was great fun.

We then watched the fierce and funny fellow all-girl group 'Friend of a Friend' do their thing.

Then it was us, we were up and with the help of our Emo-Chimney Sweep Bristolian™ Stephen Alan Yorke (and his amorous ways with a selected audience member) what silly laughs we had.

With the help of our surrounding area and a lovely audience member we Facebook 'Checked-in' at The Imperial War Museum. Hilarity ensued with knights, gun demos, a demonstration of learning how to walk like they did in the trenches. Oh, and dancing to Vera Lynn.

We then moved on to 'Kickstarter' and thanks to Steve, the Trellis of Invention™ and a plucky audience member with the initials 'JG' who picked the 'Fashion' category, we heard pitches for:

-Jen C and her 'Jeggings Gorgeous' clothing range.

-Suzie and this season's must-have accessories - 'Just Gongs'. 

-NatMack with 'Jobo Grass' - the German freshly-cut grass fabric that can be woven into ANYTHING.

Well, the audience backed Nat 100%, obvs.

And finally came our favourite social media silly fun Facebook Status Update game, where we learnt more about Traffic control in Cairo and saw camels and pyramids being guided through the streets of Egypt. Oh, and we visited Waitrose and were introduced to their new 'Fucking Toads' food range.

And people ask us if we script these games???? Lolz.

Good times.