Welcome to the Museum of Comedy.....

Well what a fabulous showcase gig we had at the Museum of Comedy last week!

Things got off to a ridiculous start when we opened with an audience suggestion which led us to learning all about the students and teachers of ‘The Architects Architect University of Architects’….

In our game ‘On Demand’ we had a lovely musical number; 'Not the the 7.05 to Swansea!' - a strange and slightly melodic number about a haunted train….

We had our lovely, bumpy, pregnant member of the gang Suzie dancing like a ballerina, whilst Lillie jumped on the audience direction of "You swear all the time" once given the setting of a theatre marketing office, and proceeded to swear like a docker with the opening lines:

"Bollox, buggering bastard!"

This was a great start to the scene where our audience member had given us a beekeeping magazine to read from…

Thanks to a plucky member of the crowd, the ‘Kickstarter’ section saw a plethora of amazing new ‘GAMES’ projects pitched, including:


"JOGGING BEHIND" - a new game where you just jog behind people and try to keep up.

"JUST BOMBS" - a new game just about bombs.

"JOE BLOGGS" - a bit like 'Guess Who!'.

"JUST BE" - well, a game that enables you to ‘Just Be’ (obvs).


And to end there was our normal Facebook frenzy of fast scenes interpreting the audiences eclectic FB statuses.

Thanks for having us @museumofcomedy, we’ll be back for one of our Edinburgh previews in July!

Ooh, and we got this amazing cheeky little review afterwards too to boot! (Click here to read).

Thanks @funnywomen!


Bye for now Social Networkers. xx