Our Leicester Comedy Festival adventure with Dave: roundup. (Without Dave).

AMU HQ were pleased as punch to be invited to perform 'All Made Up: This Time It's Social' at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival on the 20th & 21st February at The Belmont Hotel. After an early start and a lot of caffeine we reached the Leicester streets and set about making potential new fans and also friends with Shetland Ponies (seriously).  

The full AMU improv troop were raring to go for Friday's social media show and what a show it was. As ever our wonderful Dandy warmed up the crowd and got to know his fans a little better by passing out autographs and superfan selfies. Then there were some wonderful moments when we ‘Checked In’ via Facebook to Heavenly Desserts, where we met a talking cupcake and a woman so obsessed with Italian cakes she wanted to stick her face in them. Google was met with some fab questions. My favourite being "Can we ask Bing?" ...the answer of course is "NO". And as ever the audience provided wonderful Facebook statuses from their friends, with one status leading to most of us jumping up and down on stage singing ‘THIS COULD BE ROTTERDAM OR ANYWHERE, LIVERPOOL OR ROME’. Also three posh mums went for a ride on their horses whilst sharing important news about their children’s teething.

Waking up on Saturday felt like being transported back to Edinburgh, knowing that we had another show to look forward to (although in Edinburgh we didn’t have a slap up buffet breakfast!). Yet again the lovely Leicester audience were up for a laugh and this was the kind of show where we were laughing right along with them.  

One of our newer setups on Saturday was based on Kickstarter, where four entrepreneurs spontaneously pitched a new invention in character from the 'Games' category. A wide array of games were pitched, ranging from 'Angry Harry' (the world’s only Prince Harry board game), 'Aloud HALLELUJAH' (whoever says HALLELUJAH the loudest is the winner) and 'Alfonso Hides' (a game brought to us all the way from the Bronx by an Irish-Italian man called Alfonso). But the final winner, after a tense clap off, was 'Armoured Hands', pitched by Dwayne who'd been a member of the US military for 25 years. Armoured Hands are placed on the ground to help troops in Iraq.

We ended our Leicester stint, of course, with the Facebook Status Lucky Dip... which brought us a Scottish politician promoting the ‘YES,NO, I DON’T KNOW' campaign, as well as discovering the mother and son who can’t decide between seeing One Direction in concert or watching EastEnders. At the end of the show we lined up to give our audience a High Five guard of honour (they blooming well deserved it). It was a joy to see their smiling faces.

We had a blinking wonderful time in Leicester and Dave if you’re reading this, thanks ever so.

Nat Mac