Blue Monday... officially the best day of the year.

Monday 19th Jan was supposed to be Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Luckily no one at Duck Duck Goose in Stockwell was paying any attention to that…. and ‘All Made Up’ had a barrel of laughs performing at their gig! Hosted by the ever enthusiastic Mark Tindle, and lovely Lynsey Bonell (for one night only), Duck Duck Goose lived up to its reputation of being a super friendly and super fun night for both the performers and audience alike.

The evening kicked of in cracking style with audience names being plucked out of a sweet sticky Pimms jug and performing short two-person scenes, before creating a larger ‘montage’. This was a lovely intro to the night instantly bringing the room together, and the belly laughs and supportive smiles remained….as Lionel Richie would put it… all night long!

Red Beard’ then took to the stage in a highly amusing two-prov, centered around an elaborate game, at times played standing on their head and resulting in murder being committed. It wasn’t their fault ma lord… thems were the rules of the game!

Then ‘All Made Up’ were on – comprising of Nat, Karen, Kate and Jen C… and we had a jolly old time! We had decided to try out some new games never performed outside of the comfort of our rehearsal room, and although slightly nerve enducing beforehand, the result was a brilliant burst of extra adrenaline on stage and lots of laughs! Highlights included much mud pie making… 8 of them in fact… with blue icing. Two new employees being trained to climb over the O2, and an epic game of “Antiques? Never!”… and if you’ve not heard of that one before, neither had we until we were on stage last night and playing it! Fun Fun Fun – with performers and audience laughing lots.

The final group were the very slick and talented ‘The Pioneers’, who kept us all on our toes as they cleverly interwove stories, scenes and characters…. laughing all the way. The final father/daughter game of Cluedo bringing it brilliantly all together. What a talented bunch!

One last ‘Jam’ brought the evening  to a close, resulting in our very own Karen Reed being awarded a NEW FAN badge for her brilliant hair sniffing scene. We were all like proud mums on sports day….. Stephen Alan Yorke included!

So thank you Duck Duck Goose…. and bye bye Blue Monday!

Jen Cockburn