Miss Saigon meets Foxcatcher meets Miss Marple.

That Santa fella is a difficult to understand chap. With one hand he gives many a great gift at Christmas. With the other, he takes away your ability to improvise. Or so most of us thought when we headed to the West End last Wednesday to see the damage ol' white Twits beard had done. 

Now we're not showing off or nowt. But we've got some friends in some quite special places. So our first rehearsal space for 2015 was gonna be in Miss Saigon's theatre. And what a beautiful theatre it is too - Art Deco walls and floors, and its own helicopter. 

To be fair we were in the bar. But still, it's the West End.

So we all congregate outside. Two of us get insulted by Miss Marple. One of us tells a tale of a dead body. All of us think we've forgotten everything we've ever learnt about improv. Standard All Made Up bantz.

But never fear, Katy Schutte is here... to help us remember everything it turns out we haven't actually forgotten. And she's brilliant. In no time (well after Kate Bell tries to explain something that should only have taken one sentence but took 5 paragraphs... I'm so out the group for writing that) we're back throwing ninja moves, singing out of tune and making up silly games like Sailer Yarns and Sitting Yesterday - both soon to be aired on ITV. 

We have a go at a Henry. That works. We do some Oscar Winning Moments. Which sort of works if you don't try reenacting Foxcatcher with an actual fox that draws a blank whilst having her back to the audience. But we don't care. Because the main thing that happened on this day is we laughed our little granny-given socks off. We mucked about. We had fun. And remembered that no amount of Turkey, Ferrero Roche and heartburn could ever take away what we've learnt and what we love. 

So raise a glass to improv. And while we're at it, to the amazing Katy Schutte too. And here's to a brilliantly silly 2015 in Impro land. 

Karen Reed