Well, that’s preview season folks

But what a preview season it was. Not only did we head back to our spiritual home of Bromley to spread more improv love very south of the river. We also got to perform once again to a packed house – and Russ Abbott’s stuffed seagull – at the amazing Museum of Comedy. Seriously, go check this venue out. You can sit on Father Ted’s pew and stick your finger up Kenneth William’s nose. Hours of fun.

But what we forgot to write about when it happened (probably because we couldn’t quite believe it did) was that our first Ed Fringe preview was opened by the one-and-only Josie Long, who just popped along to try a few things out. Like you do.

What’s great is that this all came about because of social media. In particular the wizard that is Twitter. She tweeted. We tweeted back. The rest is comedy history.

And that leads us very neatly on to the right here and now.

In a matter of days, we’ll be heading up to the Burgh to sell the shizzle out of our social media show: All Made Up: This Time It’s Social (in The Snifter Room at The Mash House, thanks for asking).

Mr talent himself, Stephen Alan Yorke, has been designing everything we could ever need to hand out, post up or stick on, in his brilliantly unique style. And then on 6th August, we’ll be opening our show to the public.  And, quite frankly, we can’t wait.

We really hope you’ll all make it. Scotland is so lovely this time of year. And if not, make sure you follow all our antics on the Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams and Snapchats.

We can’t get enough of this social media shizzle.

See you soon.



All Made Up and Josie Long

Good Girls Eat Dinner.... and share nuggets of inspiration

Our Kate was invited to speak at this amazing event recently and boy did it go good. A great evening where Kate was representing All Made Up and creative females everywhere.

It was called ‘GOOD GIRLS EAT DINNER’ hosted by There’s a Good Girl - a VivaWomen exhibition curated by Saatchi & Saatchi London, designed to support women in the creative industries.

Five inspirational ‘Good Girls’ shared their views and experiences on the topic; 'As a woman, do you have to be hungrier for success than a man?' over three delicious courses.

The evening’s speakers were:

LAURA JORDAN BAMBACH – SheSays co-founder / D&AD president / Creative partner at Mr President.

EMMA GANNON – Writer (Huff Post, The Independent, Stylist) / Social media guru / Listed by Lena Dunham in her ‘Top Londoners to follow’.

KATHRYN FERGUSONFilm director / Film curator / Resident film director, Selfridges.

KATI RUSSELL - Co–founder of Girlhood, a social enterprise / Previously D&AD New Blood & Programme Manager.

KATE BELLActor and comedian. Yes, she was Kelly Bradshaw in Grange Hill / One tenth of the improv comedy group All Made Up.

And the evening was chaired by Jo Wallace.... Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, London.

Visit them on Twitter to find more about upcoming events: @TheresAGoodGirl

Here's a Facebook album containing some snaps of the evening.

And some static footage below of our Kate in action on the night... holding court with yarns about her adventures from famous child actress to fully grown-up comedy performer and actor!

Meanwhile in a cellar in Kings Cross...

Oh what fun it was to ride on the 'Thy Kingdom Comedy' sleigh at The Star of Kings on Monday night. It wasn't a sleigh as such, more a gig.... and we didn't 'ride' it, we just performed in it.

The Facebook Check-In game was at a place called 'Secret Stylist'.....
We saw Gok Wan tell a women the secret of a belt and a tub of Activia. We also met two cunning cleaners, who, backed with their childhood memories of their stylish cleaner-mother, were planning to steal the 'Secret Styles' and start their own cleaner-fashion business.
The biggest secret of Secret Stylist was never revealed... what is whispered in a customers ear, stays in a customers ear....

Kickstarter was inspired by an audience member who's initials were P.L. and who chose 'Art' as the Kickstarter category.

We were privileged enough to see the following brand new pitch video ideas....

-Puppy Luminosity - Where Jenny showed us her avant-garde puppy and light installation.

-Painted Love - This was a performance piece heavily influenced by the song 'Tainted Love'....

-Painted Ladies - The Winning Pitch! 'Tracey' told us... then showed us, how her project was to walk the streets and throw coloured paint in ladies' faces, therefore celebrating women.

The Facebook status game saw a 'Bad Boy' at the gym turn out to be a 'Bad Buoy' who was lent his t-shirt by his fisherman Dad.

We also heard the sad tale of the emotive door in need of some WD-40 and his sad friend 'The Brick Wall'.

And a wife was exasperated at her husbands obsession with dragons and video-games.

Stephen Alan Yorke was his usual silly-funny compering self, and croaked his way through the show as he soldiered on with Man-Flu and a sore throat... dosing up on Beechams Cold and Flu seemed to make him speak funny like a Farmer too. Weird but we all liked it.

Good times had by all.

Again! Again!


Improv in Paradise (Yard)

Last night we had a lot of fun performing at Duck Duck Goose at L’klectik.

The lovely Mark and Vic were so welcoming, as always, and got everyone warmed-up with an impromptu audience/performer Jam which was great fun.

We then watched the fierce and funny fellow all-girl group 'Friend of a Friend' do their thing.

Then it was us, we were up and with the help of our Emo-Chimney Sweep Bristolian™ Stephen Alan Yorke (and his amorous ways with a selected audience member) what silly laughs we had.

With the help of our surrounding area and a lovely audience member we Facebook 'Checked-in' at The Imperial War Museum. Hilarity ensued with knights, gun demos, a demonstration of learning how to walk like they did in the trenches. Oh, and dancing to Vera Lynn.

We then moved on to 'Kickstarter' and thanks to Steve, the Trellis of Invention™ and a plucky audience member with the initials 'JG' who picked the 'Fashion' category, we heard pitches for:

-Jen C and her 'Jeggings Gorgeous' clothing range.

-Suzie and this season's must-have accessories - 'Just Gongs'. 

-NatMack with 'Jobo Grass' - the German freshly-cut grass fabric that can be woven into ANYTHING.

Well, the audience backed Nat 100%, obvs.

And finally came our favourite social media silly fun Facebook Status Update game, where we learnt more about Traffic control in Cairo and saw camels and pyramids being guided through the streets of Egypt. Oh, and we visited Waitrose and were introduced to their new 'Fucking Toads' food range.

And people ask us if we script these games???? Lolz.

Good times.


All Made Up: This Time It’s REALLY Social

Ever wanted to try improv comedy? Well then come muck about with All Made Up on Tuesday 2nd June.

We’ll be running a night where anyone can come and play around with fun, simple improv techniques and games from our sell-out social media show 'All Made Up: This Time It’s Social'.

We’ve been taught by the best, including Steve Roe, Mike McShane and Katy Schutte. But this night is less about solid improv training, and more about a break from your normal routine, having fun, and saying ‘yes’ to trying something a bit different. It’s like yoga for the brain – with less OM-ing and more LOL-ing.


....just comfy clothing and a willingness to have a giggle at yourself, and others’ Facebook statuses.

Get a £10 ticket today and check your selfie in.

DATE: Tuesday 2nd June 2015

VENUE: The Royal Oak, (Upstairs) W1H 1QN

TIME: 7pm Start till 9.30pm

TICKETS: www.wegottickets.com

CONTACT: allmadeupcomedy@gmail.com


Welcome to the Museum of Comedy.....

Well what a fabulous showcase gig we had at the Museum of Comedy last week!

Things got off to a ridiculous start when we opened with an audience suggestion which led us to learning all about the students and teachers of ‘The Architects Architect University of Architects’….

In our game ‘On Demand’ we had a lovely musical number; 'Not the the 7.05 to Swansea!' - a strange and slightly melodic number about a haunted train….

We had our lovely, bumpy, pregnant member of the gang Suzie dancing like a ballerina, whilst Lillie jumped on the audience direction of "You swear all the time" once given the setting of a theatre marketing office, and proceeded to swear like a docker with the opening lines:

"Bollox, buggering bastard!"

This was a great start to the scene where our audience member had given us a beekeeping magazine to read from…

Thanks to a plucky member of the crowd, the ‘Kickstarter’ section saw a plethora of amazing new ‘GAMES’ projects pitched, including:


"JOGGING BEHIND" - a new game where you just jog behind people and try to keep up.

"JUST BOMBS" - a new game just about bombs.

"JOE BLOGGS" - a bit like 'Guess Who!'.

"JUST BE" - well, a game that enables you to ‘Just Be’ (obvs).


And to end there was our normal Facebook frenzy of fast scenes interpreting the audiences eclectic FB statuses.

Thanks for having us @museumofcomedy, we’ll be back for one of our Edinburgh previews in July!

Ooh, and we got this amazing cheeky little review afterwards too to boot! (Click here to read).

Thanks @funnywomen!


Bye for now Social Networkers. xx


Our Leicester Comedy Festival adventure with Dave: roundup. (Without Dave).

AMU HQ were pleased as punch to be invited to perform 'All Made Up: This Time It's Social' at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival on the 20th & 21st February at The Belmont Hotel. After an early start and a lot of caffeine we reached the Leicester streets and set about making potential new fans and also friends with Shetland Ponies (seriously).  

The full AMU improv troop were raring to go for Friday's social media show and what a show it was. As ever our wonderful Dandy warmed up the crowd and got to know his fans a little better by passing out autographs and superfan selfies. Then there were some wonderful moments when we ‘Checked In’ via Facebook to Heavenly Desserts, where we met a talking cupcake and a woman so obsessed with Italian cakes she wanted to stick her face in them. Google was met with some fab questions. My favourite being "Can we ask Bing?" ...the answer of course is "NO". And as ever the audience provided wonderful Facebook statuses from their friends, with one status leading to most of us jumping up and down on stage singing ‘THIS COULD BE ROTTERDAM OR ANYWHERE, LIVERPOOL OR ROME’. Also three posh mums went for a ride on their horses whilst sharing important news about their children’s teething.

Waking up on Saturday felt like being transported back to Edinburgh, knowing that we had another show to look forward to (although in Edinburgh we didn’t have a slap up buffet breakfast!). Yet again the lovely Leicester audience were up for a laugh and this was the kind of show where we were laughing right along with them.  

One of our newer setups on Saturday was based on Kickstarter, where four entrepreneurs spontaneously pitched a new invention in character from the 'Games' category. A wide array of games were pitched, ranging from 'Angry Harry' (the world’s only Prince Harry board game), 'Aloud HALLELUJAH' (whoever says HALLELUJAH the loudest is the winner) and 'Alfonso Hides' (a game brought to us all the way from the Bronx by an Irish-Italian man called Alfonso). But the final winner, after a tense clap off, was 'Armoured Hands', pitched by Dwayne who'd been a member of the US military for 25 years. Armoured Hands are placed on the ground to help troops in Iraq.

We ended our Leicester stint, of course, with the Facebook Status Lucky Dip... which brought us a Scottish politician promoting the ‘YES,NO, I DON’T KNOW' campaign, as well as discovering the mother and son who can’t decide between seeing One Direction in concert or watching EastEnders. At the end of the show we lined up to give our audience a High Five guard of honour (they blooming well deserved it). It was a joy to see their smiling faces.

We had a blinking wonderful time in Leicester and Dave if you’re reading this, thanks ever so.

Nat Mac

You are enough, when you're in the shit.

Have you ever skipped through the workmen-lined streets of Soho in silence, with your sweaty hand being held by a stranger as the winter sun warms your cheeks?

You should try it. It’s beautiful.

This was day one’s warm up on the Dr Brown ‘Clowning’ workshop, and it sure was a great introduction to what lay ahead. There were 18 clowns in training and we just about made it through to the other side. We played, we tickled, we massaged each other’s bums, and got deep down and vulnerable. A talented group of stand ups, improvisers, actors and writers but none of that mattered. We were equal in clown world and quite frankly all pretty shit - but that was the point!

“The clown is allowed to get it wrong, be horrible, be in the shit.” Phil Burgers aka Dr Brown would keep reminding us.

“Drop the act, stop acting. Act on impulse!” he would shout as he banged his drum for you to get off stage. Ouch!

 You had to get real and take time to look at the audience as yourself, not the character or persona you’d normally adopt on stage. It was hard, but when I felt like I had no ideas and was at my most vulnerable that was when I truly acted on impulse. This resulted in me slapping my bum, then by boob and then my fanny…. which, and I’m not just saying this, was hilarious! I felt it! The rest of the class were really laughing, which in turn made me laugh too. It was my moment…. but then I lost it! This was ok though as I knew there was a point where the audience loved me, and Phil kept reminding us to go back to where the audience loved you the most.

“The audience is your instrument and as the clown you need to learn to play it.” Another great quote from Dr Brown!

It was really refreshing to hear how he started clowning and how hard it was for him at the beginning. The art of clowning is not something you can learn in 3 days, it’s a journey, a process. But if I can bring a little clown spirit into my performance and life in general, then the world will be a better place.

So whatever you do on stage or in life just remember; “You are enough”.

Becky Bone

Blue Monday... officially the best day of the year.

Monday 19th Jan was supposed to be Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Luckily no one at Duck Duck Goose in Stockwell was paying any attention to that…. and ‘All Made Up’ had a barrel of laughs performing at their gig! Hosted by the ever enthusiastic Mark Tindle, and lovely Lynsey Bonell (for one night only), Duck Duck Goose lived up to its reputation of being a super friendly and super fun night for both the performers and audience alike.

The evening kicked of in cracking style with audience names being plucked out of a sweet sticky Pimms jug and performing short two-person scenes, before creating a larger ‘montage’. This was a lovely intro to the night instantly bringing the room together, and the belly laughs and supportive smiles remained….as Lionel Richie would put it… all night long!

Red Beard’ then took to the stage in a highly amusing two-prov, centered around an elaborate game, at times played standing on their head and resulting in murder being committed. It wasn’t their fault ma lord… thems were the rules of the game!

Then ‘All Made Up’ were on – comprising of Nat, Karen, Kate and Jen C… and we had a jolly old time! We had decided to try out some new games never performed outside of the comfort of our rehearsal room, and although slightly nerve enducing beforehand, the result was a brilliant burst of extra adrenaline on stage and lots of laughs! Highlights included much mud pie making… 8 of them in fact… with blue icing. Two new employees being trained to climb over the O2, and an epic game of “Antiques? Never!”… and if you’ve not heard of that one before, neither had we until we were on stage last night and playing it! Fun Fun Fun – with performers and audience laughing lots.

The final group were the very slick and talented ‘The Pioneers’, who kept us all on our toes as they cleverly interwove stories, scenes and characters…. laughing all the way. The final father/daughter game of Cluedo bringing it brilliantly all together. What a talented bunch!

One last ‘Jam’ brought the evening  to a close, resulting in our very own Karen Reed being awarded a NEW FAN badge for her brilliant hair sniffing scene. We were all like proud mums on sports day….. Stephen Alan Yorke included!

So thank you Duck Duck Goose…. and bye bye Blue Monday!

Jen Cockburn

Miss Saigon meets Foxcatcher meets Miss Marple.

That Santa fella is a difficult to understand chap. With one hand he gives many a great gift at Christmas. With the other, he takes away your ability to improvise. Or so most of us thought when we headed to the West End last Wednesday to see the damage ol' white Twits beard had done. 

Now we're not showing off or nowt. But we've got some friends in some quite special places. So our first rehearsal space for 2015 was gonna be in Miss Saigon's theatre. And what a beautiful theatre it is too - Art Deco walls and floors, and its own helicopter. 

To be fair we were in the bar. But still, it's the West End.

So we all congregate outside. Two of us get insulted by Miss Marple. One of us tells a tale of a dead body. All of us think we've forgotten everything we've ever learnt about improv. Standard All Made Up bantz.

But never fear, Katy Schutte is here... to help us remember everything it turns out we haven't actually forgotten. And she's brilliant. In no time (well after Kate Bell tries to explain something that should only have taken one sentence but took 5 paragraphs... I'm so out the group for writing that) we're back throwing ninja moves, singing out of tune and making up silly games like Sailer Yarns and Sitting Yesterday - both soon to be aired on ITV. 

We have a go at a Henry. That works. We do some Oscar Winning Moments. Which sort of works if you don't try reenacting Foxcatcher with an actual fox that draws a blank whilst having her back to the audience. But we don't care. Because the main thing that happened on this day is we laughed our little granny-given socks off. We mucked about. We had fun. And remembered that no amount of Turkey, Ferrero Roche and heartburn could ever take away what we've learnt and what we love. 

So raise a glass to improv. And while we're at it, to the amazing Katy Schutte too. And here's to a brilliantly silly 2015 in Impro land. 

Karen Reed

Crikey, look! We've got one of them websites!

Stop the clocks, batten down the hatches and hold your horses, will you look at this... we've only gone and gone digital. For it is with great pleasure that we announce the All Made Up website was launched today by Her Majesty the Queen, who smashed a bottle of Jacob's Creek onto Stephen Alan's laptop.

So expect either regular updates on this news page or irregular ones, depending on what there is to report. Actually, thinking about it, after a royal website launch let's hope it's not all downhill from here...