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All Made Up were formed in 2013 thanks to the loveliest man in improv comedy (and founder of Hoopla) Steve Roe. He saw a gap in the comedy world for an all-female group, and our very own Kate Bell took his words and turned them into All Made Up. 

Every member brings something different to the stage, something unique and fun, which all stems from our own life and work experiences.

In the past year, we’ve gigged together all over London and beyond performing our much-tweeted about social media show '#This Time It's Social', including a full run at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe.

We’ve also been taught by the best, including Cariad LlloydMike McShane, The Maydays' very brilliant Katy Schutte, Jon MonkhouseDave Morris and Mr. Steve Roe himself.

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